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Online Learning + Live Workshops = A Healthy Life Science Career!

That’s LifeCollaborative’s skill-building equation for today’s busy Life Science professional. Hundreds of mobile-friendly “hot” topics in 4-5 minute lessons can be quickly accessed in an easy to use industry-curated eLibrary along with Life Science Industry Professional (LSIpro) Certificate Programs intersecting business with science.

Plus, our new face-to-face Work-Life-Hack Series, facilitated by real-world practitioners, brings just-in-time knowledge to your workforce in highly focused, but engaging morning sessions paced throughout the year instead of taking people away from their desks and labs for multiple days of traditional learning.

3 Exciting Ways to Learn & Develop

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LifeCollaborative’s Life Science Industry Professional (LSIpro) Online Certificate Programs are based on the standards outlined in the LSIpro Body of Knowledge, vetted by thousands of professionals, and approved by some of the world’s most acclaimed Life Science Associations and Organizations. Choose from 5 unique certifications OR choose the entire suite of programs for a further discount. Each program includes a membership in the eLibrary.

This option allows you to experience all of the LSIpro Certificate Programs at a fraction of the price. Learn about Leadership and Organizational Management in the Leaderology and Business Essentials Certificate Program. Learn how to manage Projects within a Life Science environment via the LSIpro Project Management Certificate Program. Learn top-level concepts and success strategies for MedTech and BioTech in our Science and Technology Certificate Programs.

Member Price: $995
Non-Member Price: $1,495

Project Management – it’s the new language of love in today’s life science setting. Learn the fundamentals as well as advanced topics confronting the workplace today.

With course content approved by the Project Management Institute (PMI), this program is intended for those desiring a deeper dive into the project management field as it pertains to a science or technology focused environment.

Member Price: $395
Non-Member Price: $475

Emerging leaders discover what it means to manage, lead and ultimately engage others in this people-focused learning track.

This program is intended for the high potential professional working in (or about to enter into) a life science environment in which a greater role and increased responsibilities are the goals.

Member Price: $395
Non-Member Price: $475

In this focused learning track, technologists and scientists tackle business basics associated with working in a medical device or bioscience environment.

This program is geared for scientists, technologists or technicians working in (or about to enter into) a medical device, biotechnology, drug discovery or pharmaceutical environment.

Member Price: $395
Non-Member Price: $475

The development and commercialization of medical devices, as well as some of the newer emerging healthcare technologies, are brought to the forefront in this learning track.

This program is intended to acquaint the professional working in (or about to enter into) a medical device, mHealth, or other technology-based setting with some of the concepts, applications and challenges confronting one of the most rapidly growing industries today.

Member Price: $395
Non-Member Price: $475

Science for the non-scientist is the theme of this learning track. Become familiar with the basics in this easy to understand summation of science building blocks as referenced in many biotech and pharma environments.

This track is intended for those professionals working in (or about to enter into) a biotechnology, drug discovery, pharmaceutical and even some medical device or technology environments.

Member Price: $395
Non-Member Price: $475


Subscribe to the Life Science Industry Professional (LSIpro) premiere online learning collection. The LSIpro eLibrary contains complete courses, downloadable resources, personal/professional assessments, and video interviews with industry practitioners.

Member Price – 1-Year Enrollment: $99
Non-Member Price – 1-Year Enrollment: $120

In addition to hundreds of topic resources and videos, the LifeCollaborative eLibrary includes an entire series called JobFastPass. This training track will walk students, veterans, or job-seekers through foundational concepts and tactics essential for a more fruitful transition. Topics in this series include Time Management, Personal Branding, Leveraging Social Media, Tailoring Resumes, Interviewing, and More.

There are several personal / professional assessments also available as part of the LSIpro eLibray. The People Style Profile will allow you to identify (and leverage) style preferences in the workplace. The Workplace Style Profile is perfect for anyone in the process of transitioning. This evaluation will help you determine which type of workplace environment may be most appropriate for you. The Action Plan for Development is based on the LSIpro Body of Knowledge and covers a broad based of critical skills for Life Science Industry Professionals. All Assessments come with downloadable reference guides.


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