About LifeCollaborative

Born Out of Industry

LifeCollaborative resulted from those in health innovation (life science) industries looking for an uncommon solution to an everyday dilemma – that of equipping current, or yet to be hired, workers with the business and science acumen needed to achieve tough performance goals. And, that scientists and business professionals were better trained to collaborate with one another across silos.

Learning Framework Synced with STEM

Based on research by industry leaders and STEM academic advisors (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), the curators of LifeCollaborative have created a learning framework which acts as a roadmap for the types of courses, resources and assessments featured in its library. See the learning framework.

Courses as Summary Guides
Courses are summary guides on topics in leadership, communication, science basics, project management, medical device, quality, manufacturing, teams, budgeting, ethics, marketing, and so much more. The LifeCollaborative complements (rather than competes with) university degree or certificate programs, by offering a summary view for those new to the industry, or as a refresher for seasoned professionals looking to hone skills.

State and Nationally Recognized Certificate Programs

LifeCollaborative’s Life Science Industry Professional Certificates (LSIpro) are recognized by top Life Science State & National Associations, and by several thousand health innovation professionals representing nearly 150 life science and medical device companies. View our Life Science Association Connectors and learn how to become one.

Learning and Development Features:

  • 100+ Courses in Science and Business
  • 100+ Video Interviews
  • “Snippet” Lesson Format (4-7 minutes per)
  • Mobile-Friendly
  • Downloadable Resources and Templates
  • Voice Over Narration (Applied to Many Courses)
  • Remember Me (Stop and Return Functionality)
  • Progress Reports
  • Contact the Instructor
Thank you, thank you, thank you!...
“I am very happy to inform you that I have, indeed, found full-time employment in the life sciences industry! I am currently working as a Scientist I for Explora BioLabs, a preclinical CRO. This is my first life sciences industry job – my successful jump from academia, after several months of unemployment. My LSIpro Certificate in BioTech definitely helped me in getting this position. I mentioned it in my resume and during my interview, and my interviewer seemed noticeably impressed and pleased by my having obtained it.”

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Nurith A., Ph.D.
Scientist I
Explora BioLabs

I am truly thankful for the knowledge and experience...
“The BioTech LSIpro Certificate Program is an informative and useful training solution for anyone working in the biotechnology industry or considering employment in this field. I particularly enjoyed the video montages, which offered a look inside the brains of many local biotech leaders. I thought the handouts on various topics were well written and great to have as reference materials. Overall, I am truly thankful for the knowledge and experience I gained and will be certain to apply the strategies and advice I’ve learned in my current and future endeavors.”

Annie Y.

...they need to grab ahold...
“My job doesn’t stop when a candidate applies. There’s certainly an in-depth, very rigorous process, to make sure that we’re hiring bar-raising talent and continuing the growth of our company. Once they get inside the lifelines… they need to grab ahold of developmental tools such as the LifeCollaborative e-learning programs…”

Phil D.

The program went WAY BEYOND my expectations...
“The program went WAY BEYOND my expectations… The wide variety of topics and resultant breadth of exposure was exactly what I was looking for, in addition to wanting to prove to myself I could earn the certification. I actually went back to several of the modules immediately prior to some recent interviews to help me review and refresh the latest thinkings.

While I am still in transition, this program is very good as an interview prep. The individual video vignettes were awesome for this purpose, since I am both a visual and auditory learner. I can’t say enough good things about the program. I am so happy to have gone through it, and will HIGHLY recommend it for anyone I come in contact with, and have been and will continue to do this. Whether it is a stand-alone program, or a periodic update (e.g., like continuing education every 2-3 years), I would love to stay connected. It is/was THE BEST!”

Frederick Z.

I've finished the course! What a wonder!!...
“I’ve finished the program! What a wonder!! I loved every minute of it and learned so much. Outside of my two graduate degree programs (Masters and Educational Specialist), it’s the best program I’ve ever taken, bar none!!

Thank you again for all your support and encouragement. Any time you need someone to talk to others about why they should take this course, I would be more than happy to help you out!”

Warmest regards,

...my sincere appreciation!
“I would just like to send a thank you note. I finished the BioTech LSIpro Certificate Program and was recently hired by a Biotech company and will start working next month. There are many factors that led me to getting the job, but I know that mentioning on my resume that I completed the LSIpro Certification also contributed to me gaining employment with that company… again my sincere appreciation!”

Abel S.

The value (to our company) is clear...
“The value is clear for those of our staff who have gone through the eLearning programs. The expansive cross-training nature of the learning architecture has us all speaking the same language and to the same business standard.”


Dave W.

The (LSIpro Certificate Program) is really good.
“The program is really good. I still refer back to the site quite often for pointers and general review.”

Alex M.

I have no words...
“I have no words to describe the value you brought to this group. Thank you once again…”

Matt A. – BioNJ

Helped from academia to industry...
I just want to let you know that your help (the workshop and courses, suggestions with resume and digital branding, etc) definitely helped me during my transition from academia to industry. Thank you very much.

Q – Postdoc

Apercu Partners
Prometheus Laboratories
Will I be charged during my free trial?
No, you won’t be charged during your free trial which begins the day you sign up. You can cancel any time before Day 5 to avoid being charged
How can I cancel during my free trial?

If you would like to cancel your membership during the trial, please contact us.  We will accommodate your request immediately and painlessly.


What happens after the free trial period?

You will automatically be charged $79.95 (for AC Members) on the same day of every month that your trial period ended, unless you decide to cancel your account.

Will I receive updates from LifeCollaborative?
We’ll share new courses, monthly news and important professional development information with you by email. You can update your email preferences at any time.
What is LifeCollaborative?
LifeCollaborative offers the only one-of-its-kind industry curated learning programs (Life Science Industry Professional – LSIpro) equipping today’s biotechnology, medical technology, pharma, or support service professional – or anyone looking to enter into bioscience job fields – with the ability to successfully navigate the intersection of business and science.
Why should I enroll in LifeCollaborative?

By signing-up, you’re adding insight, innovation, and skill building to your professional repertoire, making you more knowledgeable and more valuable to the organization. Enrolling in LifeCollaborative gives you the edge employers are looking for when it comes to business and science savvy. At the very least, you will become a more active participant in operational conversations rather than always being on the outside wondering what everyone else is talking about.

Plus, continuous learning and development are part of the DNA in every life science professional. There’s something rewarding (and motivating) about constructively stretching your workplace capabilities.

How is LifeCollaborative different from other online learning?
LifeCollaborative comes directly from industry leaders identifying a business and science curriculum they believe is necessary to add performance value in today’s life science organization. And, LifeCollaborative is currently the only online learning program where the focus is the “business of science” and the “science of business.”
How many courses are there in the LifeCollaborative Library?

There are more than 100 courses, with new topics and webinars being added on a frequent basis.

Click Here to view the Course Library

Is there a particular order to viewing the courses?
If you are enrolled in a LSIpro Certificate Program, the courses will automatically be listed in their suggested order. Otherwise, feel free to search through the various topic areas of the eLibrary and check out the courses and resources that seem most relevent given your professional objectives.
Are there certificates available?
There are five Life Science Industry Professional (LSIpro) Certificate Programs available through the LifeCollaborative- Project Management, Biotechnology, Medical Device/Technology, Business Essentials and Leaderology.
What is the average time to complete a Course or Certificate Program?

The average time to complete a course is one hour. The lessons are divided into 4-7 minute lessons which makes it easier to make room for development in the midst of a busy schedule.

A certificate program takes roughly 15 – 20 hours to complete depending on any previous exposure you may have had in a given topic. Each Life Science Industry Professional (LSIpro) Certificate Program contains approximately 15 required courses. In addition to the course itself, there are often supplemental resources, videos, and assessments to help broaden the scope of the learning associated with a topic.

What do I receive for successfully completing a Certificate Program?
Successful completion of a Life Science Industry Professional (LSIpro) Certificate Program will result in an industry recognized Certificate of Achievement worth 20 Professional Development Units (PDUs).
Do I have to complete all of the courses offered in my program to get the certificate?
Yes. You must successfully complete all core courses in order to receive your corresponding LSIpro Certificate.
Is there a way for me to monitor my progress?

Yes. Once you begin any course, you will be able to gauge progress from a personalized online transcript. Horizontal progress bars illustrate percentage of completion for each course. Reaching 100% is required in order to list that course as successfully concluded.

When you are 100% complete with all the courses in a Certificate Program, you are notified online where you can download your LSIpro Certificate.

Does anyone else see my course progress?
No one other than you, or a LifeCollaborative Administrator, can view your individual course progress. However, if you are enrolled on behalf of your organization, a monthly transcript report may be furnished to your corporate administrator upon his or her request.
Once I start a course, do I have to finish or can I leave it and come back?
There is a “remember me” feature built into the LifeCollaborative courseware. You can start a program, go away, then come back and pick up where you left off. For courses, you are able to filter the Library to show courses you are currently working on. For programs, your personal transcript shows progress at a high-level.
Why is there a quiz at the end of most courses?

While the learning framework and courses come out of industry, they still pass the “academic sniff test.” This means that most courses end with a 10 question quiz in which you must achieve at least a 70% score to pass.


Can I retake the quiz if I don't pass it the first time?

Yes. You can attempt the quiz as many times as needed. If you don’t pass the quiz on the first try, you are encouraged to review the course material before trying again.


Does every course feature voice narration, video interviews and downloadable resources?

Most do. There are also videos and resources scattered throughout the Library which are organized by topic.


Are the project management courses recognized by PMI?

PMI, the Project Management Institute, is the world’s premier organization (and oversight group) in project management. We’re proud to say that the creators of the LifeCollaborative are global education providers with PMI. The LSIpro Project Management course content is designed to meet and exceed industry standards. If you are working on obtaining your PMP (Project Management Professional) certification OR if you already have your certification with PMI and are seeking to maintain it in good standing, then any of the project management courses offered through the LifeCollaborative can be referenced for either your PMP application or for ongoing certification status.