High School Students

High School graduation is closer than you think. Want to change the world and get paid doing it?

The jobs we couldn’t imagine two years ago exist today AND with the innovative and consistently changing market place, there will likely be new ones by next week. Did you know that the broad band-width of new careers in life sciences is expected to lead the charge for most anticipated growth?

Today’s life science industry is a lot more than chemistry and biology. New career opportunities exist in areas like human health care (digital health and telemedicine are just two examples), but there’s also tremendous growth in medical devices, agriculture, biofuels, genomics, oceanography, bioinformatics, arid zone (desert) applications and cyber-security (to name a few).

LifeCollaborative brings you industry-curated online Certificate Programs and a full course Library. If you’re a high school student this is the right time and the right way to become acquainted with the industry and to earn a certificate to prepare you for your future career. Not to mention – a LifeCollaborative Certificate will look great on your college or internship applications!

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