College / Post-Grad Job Seeker

College or postgrad job seeker? You’re going to need a little secret sauce if you want to get hired.

Obtaining a college degree or completing a postdoctoral fellowship is absolutely amazing, and you have every right to be proud. But, before you assume people will be waiting with outstretched arms to offer you work, think twice. There’s some sobering statistics coming out of the NSF (National Science Foundation). In short, it’s tough when it comes to looking for employment.

How you package your know-how and how you look for a job matters. One of the biggest separators between those who get hired and those who don’t comes down to organizational fit (as in can you work really, really, well with others) and business familiarity (like knowing why budget, schedule, resource allocation and quality output are critical).

The LifeCollaborative offers college grads a way to bridge the gap between science and business through online (mobile) learning. Check out the industry vetted certificates and the Library where 100+ courses (including more than 20 courses on job hunting), personality and workplace assessments, videos and downloadable resources can help you get unstuck when it comes to finding that career.

And, ask how the LifeCollaborative seminar “The Secret Sauce of Getting Hired in Life Sciences Today” can be brought to your organization, institution or school.


“I completed the LSIpro Biotech program and wanted to thank you for the very innovative coursework you prepared for us. I have learned a lot of new facts and details about the life science industry in the last month, and I feel quite confident as I’m preparing to apply for jobs within this industry.”

– KB, Salk Institute for Biological Studies