Job Seeker / Professional

Currently Working in Life Sciences

If you’re currently working in one of the many facets associated with the Life Sciences industry,  then fine-tuning your skills is critical to making you both visible and valuable in the eyes of your company.

Did you know that according to Bloomberg’s 2015 Skills Gap Report, companies want the following skills, but are having a hard time finding people who have them?

  • Creative Problem-Solving
  • Leadership Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Strategic Thinking

Where do you stand in regard to these skills, as well as keeping pace with the necessary technical, business and science know-how?

With more than 100+ courses and 5 Life Science industry professional (LSIpro) certificate programs, LifeCollaborative gives you just-in-time information in a matter of minutes, versus hours or days. And, with life science industry curated content, you have instant access to reviewing real-world information from subject matter experts as well as gleaning insight from their perspectives on key skills (like those listed above), corporate case studies and valuable information – all with the aim of keeping you on top of your professional career game.

Membership also includes downloadable resources, online assessments, and more.


“The LSIpro Certificate Program is an informative and useful training solution for anyone working in the Life Science industry or considering employment in this field. I particularly enjoyed the video montages, which offered a look inside the brains of many leaders. I thought the handouts on various topics were well written and great to have as reference materials. Overall, I am truly thankful for the knowledge and experience I gained and will be certain to apply the strategies and advice I’ve learned in my current and future endeavors.”

– Annie Y.

Career Transition

If you’re in the midst of a career transition, you already know the job hunting process is one part excitement and three parts terrifying.

LifeCollaborative offers professionals in transition (for all ages and walks of life) a way to flip job hunting in a direction that fast tracks their search. As a career hunter, the knowledge and insight you gain can put you at the front of the line in an easy, fast, and truly affordable way.

Dust off your understanding and the skills required to work in today’s setting through online (mobile) learning, assessments, and more.

To get unstuck when finding that next career, review LifeCollaborative’s 5 life science industry-vetted certificates and the eLibrary where 100+ courses (including more than 20 courses on job hunting alone) can be found and reviewed in just a matter of a few minutes (most are 4-7 minutes in length).