Bridging the Gap between Science and Business

LifeCollaborative teamed up with senior managers in Medical Device, Pharmaceuticals and Biotech companies, as well as those in prominent national and state Life Science associations to solve a critical professional development need – bridging the gap between science and business.  Scientists are challenged in thinking about the business side of the organization and business professionals have difficulty grasping scientific vocabulary and concepts.

Bottom Line – LifeCollaborative is a way to bridge the knowledge gap. With a mission to provide insight and increased awareness across disciplines, LifeCollaborative provides just-in-time information and skill building for life science professionals and those entering its respective fields.

LifeCollaborative Learning Framework

Based on research by industry leaders and STEM academic advisors (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), the curators of LifeCollaborative have created a learning framework which provides a roadmap for the types of courses, resources and assessments featured in its library.

4 Fundamental Knowledge Areas
critical for today’s innovative and multi-functional workforce form the basis of LifeCollaborative’s learning framework:

  • Connecting Projects & Processes
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Company Operations
  • Continuous Learning

Life Science Industry Professional (LSIpro) Certificate

LifeCollaborative’s Life Science Industry Professional Certificate (LSIPro) is awarded to individuals who demonstrate comprehension across a spectrum of topics which have been deemed essential to today’s life science workplace. Five certificates are offered:

  • Project Management
  • Leaderology
  • Biotech 101
  • MedTech 101
  • Business Essentials