Webinar Archive – March 2015: Extreme Teams

This is an archive copy of a LifeCollaborative monthly Webinar titled:  “Skills Needed to Work on Extreme Life Science Teams”

Webinar Description:

Hear from Mary Glanville, Senior Vice President of Human Capital at Regulus Therapeutics and President of the BioTechnology Employee Development Coalition (BEDC) as she talks about some of her extreme adventure races in which she and her team have participated in for more than a decade in remote locations around the world. Mary also shares some of her experiences about what went well for the most successful teams and what didn’t.

As a senior VP of Human Resources for a BioTech company, Mary Glanville also addresses the skills needed at key points of the career ladder and what today’s working professional, or new entrant into the life science workplace, should not only be aware of, but finesse.

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